Keto Oatmeal in 5 Minutes

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Keto Oatmeal
Keto Oatmeal
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Joe Duff, the Diet Chef shares with us this Keto Oatmeal breakfast recipe. You can have it ready in just five minutes and he personally thinks this is one of the best easy Keto Breakfast recipes you can make.

We are not making an instant Keto Oatmeal from a packet that you can buy in the stores, but rather we are making this completely from scratch. According to Joe it is easy, delicious and of course low carb. This breakfast is especially good when it starts getting cold outside, because this oatmeal warms you up from the inside. These keto version taste a lot like the regular Oats, not exactly but very close. And the texture is one hundred percent spot on.

The best part of this recipe is that every bowl of this Oatmeal has less than 2 grams of net carbs! This is crazy for Oatmeal.

So, lets get started. Start by getting out a small pot and then adding three tablespoons of Hemp Heart (Shelled Hemp Seeds) to it. This will give the Oatmeal flavor and texture without adding any net carbs. Next up add 3 tablespoons of Golden Flaxseed Meal to the pot. Joe however recommend that you blend it down even further until it becomes almost like a flour before adding it to the pot.

Now we are adding 2 tablespoons of blanched Almond Flour. When that is all done it is time to add a little sweetness to the mixture without adding any net carbs or calories. We do this by using two tablespoons of Confectionary Swerve.

To really give the Keto Oats a nice thick texture we add a teaspoon of Chia Seeds and half a tablespoon of Coconut Flour. To bring the whole dish together add a nice pinch of Cinnamon followed by a nice pinch of salt. Lastly we add two thirds of a cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk to the pot.

At this point the low carb Keto Oatmeal is ready to cook which is done over a medium high heat. Whisk the oatmeal continuously while it cooks. Joe likes his Oatmeal on the thicker side so he cooks it longer until it reaches that consistency.

Once the Oatmeal is to the thickness you like remove it from the heat and add it to a bowl. Time to dig in!


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