Keto Naan Bread

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keto naan bread
keto naan bread
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Joe Duff, The Diet Chef will be showing us how to make delicious Keto Naan Bread. Like Joe, I absolutely love Naan especially when I can break it apart and dip it. Joe himself loves dipping it, making pizzas with it and even just eating it by itself.

One of the thing Joe typically does not like about Naan is how many carbs are in it, hence this recipe. We will be taking the net carbs per Naan down to about 4 grams, which is quite low if you are talking about Naan Bread.

Let’s get started. We will be baking the Keto Naan Bread so we need to preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Now start adding the dry ingredients into a medium sized bowl. The first dry ingredient is one and a quarter cup (140 grams) of blanched almond flour. Next up add two thirds of a cup (20 grams) of unflavored protein powder.

If you do not want to use the Protein Powder you can always replace it with a heaped quarter cup (30 grams) of more almond flour.

A teaspoon of baking powder is added next followed by adding a nice amount of salt to add flavor to the Keto Naan Bread. And that is it for the dry ingredients! Give all the dry ingredients a good whisk until they are combined and then set it aside.

In another medium sized bowl we add one and a half cups (168 grams) of full fat shredded Mozzarella Cheese. Add to that one and a half tablespoons of full fat sour cream. Microwave the bowl in intervals of 30 seconds until everything is melted and combined together.

Add the warm cheese you just prepared to the center of the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix it all together real quick. Now add an whisked egg to the bowl and finish combining the wet and dry ingredients using a spatula.

The dough might be a bit sticky at this point so we need to add and combine another quarter cup of almond flour to it, just so we can form a really nice ball of dough out of it. It should not be sticking to your hands while you make the ball.

Put the ball of dough back in the ball and let it rest for fifteen to twenty minutes. After the resting take a third of the ball at a time, and shape the Keto Naan Bread out of it. Please the shaped breads on a baking try with parchment and bake for seven to eight minutes. To finish up broil them for just a minute or two until they turn golden brown on top.

Pull the bread out of the oven and let them cool down to room temperature. And that is it. You have now made low carb delicious Naan.


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