Keto at Taco Bell – Joe Duff – The Diet Chef

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Keto at Taco Bell
Keto at Taco Bell
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Joe Duff, also know as The Diet Chef, shows us in this video how to order Keto at Taco Bell. He also gives us a review of what he thinks about their low carb keto options.

Taco Bell has over 14 Keto items that you can order there, that is if the do 24 hours breakfast at that particular outlet. Even if they don’t there are still over ten keto friendly items that you can order there.

So let’s start going through the items. First up is the Keto Signature Sauces. Here we have the following options:

  • Spicy Ranch – Only 1 Carb per serving
  • Creamy Jalapeno – 1 Carb per serving
  • Avocado Ranch – 1 Carb per serving
  • Creamy Chipotle – This is the best sauce to pick as it has 0 carbs per serving.

As far shredded cheeses go:

  • Cheddar – 1 Net Carb
  • Three Cheese – 1 Carb per Serving

Taco Bell also has hot sauces on the menu which are all really carb friendly. The Hot, Mild, Fire and Salsa Sauces all only contain 1 Carb per Serving. The best option here and if you want to sweat a little bit is the Diablo sauce which has zero carbs.

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No let us look at what you don’t want to order:

  • No flour Tortillas
  • No Taco shells
  • No Sweet Chili Sauce – Has 8 Carbs per serving
  • No potato bites
  • No beans
  • No Rice

These are the pro tips for ordering Keto at Taco Bell. Joe now proceeds to order some food from the drive-through to give it a taste and let us know what he thinks about it.

The first dish he is going over is the Burrito Supreme Steak Edition. The main thing with this order is that he asked them to exclude the tortillas and the beans. This meal in total is 5 net carbs and you get a decent amount of steak. This order gets a thumbs up as it is just a ton of deliciousness.

Next one is the Burrito Supreme Chicken Edition, which is the Grilled Fire-roasted chicken. Just like the Steak option exclude the tortillas and beans. This one however is only 4 net carbs. Has good amount of chicken and the chicken is nicely charred. This one gets two thumbs up!

The Chicken Quesadilla Melt is the next order being reviewed. It has a nice amount of chicken and a decent amount of cheese. Exclude the tortillas from this one. So basically you are left with Cheese and Chicken. It has a surprisingly smoky flavor and the sauce they put on is really nice. With less than 1 carb per dish he would probably go for two or three of them as a lunch option. Ketosis Now

Now we look at the Beefy Frito Burrito. Once again do not order the tortilla, fritos or rice with this one. So you are left with cheese sauce and ground beef. It is only 3 net carbs and tastes awesome.

Next up we are doing the Grilled Steak Taco. Exclude the tortilla and you are left with a bowl of steak taco deliciousness. It is also just 3 net carbs. If you want to get a bit more bang for your buck then this is a good option to go for. A really tasty option.

The Soft Taco Supreme Chicken is order with no tortilla and is 4 net carbs. Joe believes the Steak Taco is better value. It is pretty good though and chicken is tender.

Another Keto at Taco Bell option is the Fresco Chicken Taco, obviously ordered without the tortilla. It is 2 net carbs for the entire bowl with a very decent amount of chicken. Tastes real good too.

There is also a Beef Fresco Taco option that without the tortilla is only 2 net carbs. This one however needs a bit more flavor. Adding the hot sauce to the bowl however really made it better.

Now we look at the Grilled Chicken Power Bowl. This power bowl has a ton of food there and is only 5 net carbs. Really good value as a keto item. Obviously exclude the rice and the beans. After tasting it Joe is a fan. He does however believe it can do with some spicyness.

There are also breakfast options that you can order but make sure exclude potato bites, tortilla, sour cream and cheese sauce from these orders.

And there you have it. Keto at Taco Bell. Enjoy!

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