Is Hummus Keto Friendly and Recommended?

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Is Hummus Keto
Is Hummus Keto
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In this informative video by Doctor Eric Burg we answer the question, “Is Hummus Keto Friendly?” And after you are done with this video the changes are you are going to go get some hummus and start consuming it.

Is Hummus Keto? Ingredients

What makes hummus so good is that it is quite an amazing combination of six ingredients.

These 6 ingredients are:

  • Chickpea
  • Tahini
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt

When you go out and buy hummus, you should read the ingredients. Make sure that it doesn’t include anything else like preservatives and chemicals and soy oil. Get it when it sticks to only these six ingredients.

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Let’s look at each ingredient.


Also known as the Garbanzo Bean. It has properties that improves insulin resistance, by helping your blood sugar. So even though there is some carbohydrates it will not affect your blood sugar at all. (It’s the carbs in the Chickpea which we need to consider when determining is hummus keto)

It also has 75% insoluble fiber. When this fiber goes into the large colon the microbes start consuming it, making Butyric Acid. This acid is also really good for insulin resistance.

Lastly they are high in Molybdenum which helps the liver detoxify.


Tahini is basically Sesame Seed Oil. It is high in Methionine which is an Amino Acid. This is good for depression and an anti gray hair factor. Also includes gall bladder support.

Furthermore it includes Omega 3 fatty acids and a lot of other nutrition.

Olive Oil

Firstly Olive Oil is anti inflammatory. It supports the cardio vascular system (The heart) and is high in Vitamin E. Get the Extra Virgin. Ketosis Now


Lemon is really good for preventing Kidney Stone. It is also high in Vitamin C and has a lot of other things as well.


Garlic is probably one of the most anti microbial thing you can consume. It is generally just good for so many things.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is composed of an amazing 94 minerals.

So, is Hummus Keto?

Hummus is made up of an incredible combination of ingredients, which makes it ok to consume it, even on a Ketogenic Diet.


  1. I just started my Keto Diet on Monday. Thank you for the tip – my wife will be very pleased… She loves hummus – plus I make it myself!

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