Keto Chipotle! Don’t go and buy it, make it at Home!

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Homemade Keto Chipotle
Homemade Keto Chipotle
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Free Keto Guide

Almost everybody I know like fast food and fortunately there are some good Keto friendly options out there, Chipotle being one of them.

In this awesome this video by Logan Sneed from FusionLean, joined by Keto Like Jaime, they shows us how to make homemade Keto Chipotle! In stead of going to Chipotle and ask them for a Keto meal, we are going to do an at home version of it.

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A quick run-down of some of the ingredients you need to make Keto Chipotle:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Purple Onion
  • One Jalapeno
  • One Lime
  • Avocado
  • Organic Free Range Chicken (Logan uses the skinless thighs in this recipe)
  • Sautéed Veggies
  • Organic Bone Broth
  • Cilantro

Let’s get Started

Chicken First

Time to start cooking the Keto Chipotle meal! Firstly the Chicken is made in the instant pot, super quick with less than 10 minutes cooking time. Add a cup of the Bone Broth to the pot. This is to help keep the Chicken nice and juicy. If you don’t do the Bone Broth, all the water and flavors gets absorbed out of the meat.

Add a bunch of seasoning to the broth. After adding the seasoning, mix it up a little bit. Drop the pieces of chicken right in the pot. Let it pressure cook for about 10 minutes.

Make the Pico

Time to start on the onions. Use about a fourth of a big onion and chop it up. After that cut up the tomatoes as small as possible. And next remove the veins and the seeds from the Jalapeno and then dice it up as well.

Likewise pull off some cilantro leaves and chop it up. You will need about half a cup. Put all the diced ingredients in a big bowl and squeeze the Lime juice on to it. You need about one to two tablespoons of the lime juice.

Mix it all together to create the Pico. This Keto Chipotle meal is coming together and already smells great!

Don’t forget about the Guacamole

Peel the avocado and make guacamole with it. It is plain and simple guacamole with some salt and garlic powder added to it.

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The chicken should by now be done. Put the cooked pieces of chicken, which should be nice and soft in a separate bowl. First you want to pull the chicken apart so ends up like shredded chicken. Subsequently chop up the Romaine Lettuce now and then sauté some veggies to serve.

Putting it all together

Time to dish up. Get your serving bowl ready. First you want to start with the veggies at the bottom, because we are not using any rice or beans. Secondly is the pulled chicken, followed by the Pico and then the guacamole. Finally don’t forget to top it with the Romaine Lettuce.

And there you have it! A legit Keto Chipotle Bowl!

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