Keto Breakfast Ideas. 5 recipes that aren’t Bacon & Eggs

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5 Keto Breakfast Ideas that Aren't Bacon and Eggs
5 Keto Breakfast Ideas that Aren't Bacon and Eggs
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I have seen a lot of people on Facebook looking for Keto Breakfast ideas but complaining that they are getting tired of eating so much eggs. Especially for Breakfast, you sometimes just want to have a bit of a break from the normal Bacon & Eggs option.

So it was great when I found this video from Thomas DeLauer where he shares with us 5 Keto Breakfast Ideas that does not include Bacon and Eggs. In fact the first words he speaks on this video is asking who on Keto is sick of Eggs! Keto Breakfast Ideas

As he says, there is nothing wrong with Eggs, but he is just getting a little tired of having them in the morning every single day. So Thomas is giving us 4 different kinds of Keto Breakfasts. We basically are going to put a spin on Breakfast that isn’t just Eggs anymore, although one of the options given is a different spin on Eggs than what we are used to.

Every single food that he talks about has a powerful effect on your body, where it comes down to creating Ketones, Burn Fat but also boosting cognitive function.

Keto Breakfast Ideas

The first dish covered is the unconventional spin on Eggs. If you do want to keep Eggs in your Keto Breakfast then this is what you should do. To make it you use one whole egg plus 2 to 3 additional egg yolks. The reason for focusing on the yolks is to keep it anti-inflammatory. Most people think it is the yolk that causes the problems when it comes to our health. The reality is it is more likely to be the egg white.

When the egg is growing the white has a lot of the hormones in it, which we do not necessarily want to ingest. It could potentially affect our metabolism and our inflammatory markers within our bodies. The Yolk however is essentially just the chicken. Its got the Cholesterol and it has some of the compounds that is going to be in the Chicken and that’s where the good fats come from.

Keto Breakfast Ideas

That’s why we are going straight for the Yolks, but have at least one whole eggs so that we can get at least some of the benefits and some of the additional proteins of the whites.

A pro tip when cooking these eggs, is to only add the salt at the end. This makes sure that the protein doesn’t denature and the eggs remain nice and fluffy.

Dish number 2 is more of an on the go style dish. We all know how to make a typical Keto Coffee. So why not add some additional proteins to it? Take a half scoop or full scoop of pea protein and add it to the coffee, and then also add a scoop of Collagen and whip it up. So you end up having a Bulletproof Coffee or Keto Coffee with additional protein in it, so it can act as a meal replacement.

Option 3 is Creamed Spinach and Sausage. You take Ground Turkey or Ground Chicken or even Ground Pork and seasoning it up like a breakfast sausage. Basically make it taste like Italian and Breakfast. Next you take spinach (cook it a bit in the oven or microwave) and then take a non-dairy cream cheese and mix it into the spinach. Basically making a very simple Creamed Spinach. Mix the Creamed Spinach in with the cooked ground beef and enjoy.

You could also have your Creamed Spinach on the side if you prefer, but mixing it up as a hash is really good.

The next Breakfast dish is Cauliflower Hash with Chicken and Bacon. Just used Rice Cauliflower plus some chopped or diced Chicken plus Bacon Bits for this meal. Mix it all together in a pan with some seasoning and add some coconut oil for some fats. This makes a perfect hash which is a great solution to get over the boring aspects of eggs.

So after watching the video I noticed that there isn’t a 5th Breakfast mentioned as the title of the video states. But reading the comments I see that Thomas mentions Bone Broth as the 5th of the Keto Breakfast Ideas that he forgot to mention.

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